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SSO Explained

September 26, 2022

Shout out to the SenSource Dev Team for recognizing the importance of SSO and bumping it up on their development schedule!

In our last video, we talked about privacy, how that’s a growing concern for our customers, and how SenSource addresses it. Watch the Monday Minute video on Privacy here.

Another similar, and vitally important issue for our Vea Analytics Software users is security. You want to have the peace of mind knowing the critical data that our system is collecting is safe and secure. So, we’ve added SSO as an option to our platform to further enhance security.

Let’s address some of the top questions about SSO:
Watch the video SSO Explained here.

What is SSO?

Enterprise Single Sign-On allows enterprise users to log in to Vea using their existing work identity provider, IdP, for example Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, or Okta. Users are redirected from Vea to your existing IdP, which authenticates the user and tells Vea who they are.

Why use enterprise SSO?

Using single sign-on allows users to remember just one password, encouraging them to make that password more secure, preventing brute force attacks against their Vea account, and provides a seamless experience for logging in to Vea.

SSO makes it simple for IT teams to onboard new Vea users while they’re already adding the new user to their IdP.

SSO shines at the time of employee separation. When IT teams remove a user from their IdP, that user’s account is automatically disables, preventing unwanted access from former employees.

How is SSO setup?

SenSource delivers a frictionless setup experience for your IT team. We support over 20 different IdPs out-of-the-box, and with SAML and OIDC protocol support, we can handle almost any IdP your enterprise uses. Our Admin Portal walks your IT team step-by-step through setup, including screenshots of proper configuration, making setup a breeze. IT teams can have your IdP connected to Vea in as little as ten minutes!

Contact us today to discuss upgrading to Vea Enterprise and get started with enterprise single sign-on today!