3 Things Student Unions Need to Consider Before Implementing A People Counting System

Student unions utilize people counting systems

Universities and their student unions are typically under a strict budget each year. In order to maintain their funding each department must carefully allocate funds. By implementing a people counting system universities have the data to back-up their decisions. Student unions see a lot of traffic, being the hub of campus, and it’s important that the facility is properly operated and maintained.

Before a university installs and implements a new technology like a people counting system there are a number of things to consider.

student unions utilize people counting systemsAnalyze Your Problem

Each campus is different, each building on campus is different. Management needs to look at the specific facility and determine what their problem areas are. There may be high congestion areas in the dining hall area and bookstore deterring students from fully utilizing those spaces. Other areas of the student union may be fairly desolate and don’t get the student traffic that they want. By first understanding the problem management can then move forward to fix the problems.

Know What You Need to Monitor

In order to move forward with addressing the problem areas you must know the first steps to resolving it. Operations may know where the congestion areas are but how is it getting so congested? Where is all of the traffic initially coming from? Monitoring doorways prior to the high congestion will trigger management to address the main entrances. This will help them decide how to drive traffic to other areas or interact with students and faculty on their way to specific areas relieving some congestion.

Find the Right Solution

Now that you know what the problem is and you know where to look at in order to resolve it, you’re ready to find the right hardware for your situation. Each supplier has their own set of sensors that they distribute and finding just the right one for your solution is just as important as understanding your problem. It’s best to talk to at least three suppliers and get demos from each one to see how their specific product works. This will ensure that there are no surprises at the end and you will know exactly what to expect.

Proper data of student traffic helps to back up any future renovations and additions to university buildings. By implementing people counting systems, student unions are able to obtain needed data and give students and faculty members a positive experience.

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