4 Ways Library Data Helps the Growth of Your Library

LibraryThe nature of libraries has always been to be a gathering space of minds, to house information and to allow learning to thrive. Over the years technology has creeped its way into libraries and has become a new tool for learning and a new avenue to obtain information. Libraries and librarians know their community better than most people and are applying their knowledge of the citizens and what their interests are into the modern day library. SenSource People Counting technology is helping to aid the librarians in this duty by collecting library data on the visiting patrons. Vea Analytics Software is able to inform library staff on where patrons are going and what interests them most. People often say they would like one thing or another but their actions may speak differently. People counting sensors and the Vea Analytics software will give raw data and facts on what patron actions truly are. Library data collected from Vea Analytics Software allows you to: Report statistics for government funding Each year libraries must review their spending and make sure funds are being properly allocated. Libraries rely heavily on the funding dollars from the government and knowing the traffic of their library will help ensure that they receive the proper funding dollars to keep their libraries up to date. Optimize staffing levels SenSource people counters accurately count the peak areas of the library, as well as, the peak times of the library. Having this information allows librarians to properly staff their facility to have more workers on hand during peak hours and a smaller staff during the slow hours. By having the proper staff on hand libraries can save their funding dollars by not over paying staff when there is little work to be done. Compare traffic between locations or areas within the facility Large library systems have multiple branches across specific geographical areas and keeping these libraries connected is key to running them efficiently. Installing people counting sensors and pairing it with Vea Analytics software helps management maintain all libraries no matter where they are. Libraries are given the opportunity to be proactive and can quickly and easily view library data such as, the number of patrons in each library, see if certain areas or events are getting more traffic than anticipated and could easily combat issues before they arise. Measure marketing effectiveness Many libraries run events in their libraries during off or slow hours to try and bring more people in and to keep the community together with fun and informative activities. Vea Analytics software easily converts the raw data from the people counting sensors into informative graphs and charts to provide needed information to staff allowing them to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns. Your library needs to thrive and be able to grow with the evolving technology but it’s crucial to get your government funding in order to do so. SenSource People Counting Technology along with Vea Analytics Software will do all of the dirty work for you while you focus on giving your guests the experience that keeps them coming back. Contact a member of our sales team today to see which solution would be the best for your library. Learn how other libraries are using library data in these articles: Don’t Lose Out On Your Funding Dollars How It Works – People Counting For Wide Entrances Evolution of Library Technology


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