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Joe Varacalli



Joe Varacalli

Position: President
Categories: SenSource Leadership
: As President of SenSource, Joe is an active leader in the day-to-day operations. His focus and dynamic vision for his company and employees cultivate the innovative ideas and talent that keeps SenSource thriving. Joe’s philosophy is “business does not just exist to make money, but to make people. The money is simply “icing on the cake.” Joe is a prolific, inspirational entrepreneur. He started 3 other companies, held C level positions in 4 companies over the past 20 years and played major roles in the design of hardware and software products. He believes strongly in giving and serving in his community. He sits as director on the board of a local non-profit organization (LoveThisPlace.us) and is always involved with helping at his church. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering with honors from Youngstown State University. Joe is energized when surrounded by people and building relationships. His favorite times have been spent with his High School sweetheart, now wife of 32 years, 3 adult children and adorable grandchildren.

Kevin Stefko

Vice President


Kevin Stefko

Position: Vice President
Categories: SenSource Leadership
: As Vice-President, Kevin enjoys witnessing employees rising to new levels of success and implementing new processes and procedures to advance SenSource within the industry. With an ardent attention to detail and passion for success, Kevin leads the daily production at SenSource and ensures long and short-term goals are set and exceeded. He believes in pulling in talented people that fit the goals of SenSource as a whole and giving them the autonomy needed to get the job done. Kevin holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Youngstown State University. In addition to his leadership at SenSource since 2002, Kevin also has 11 years sales experience. He proudly serves as President of The Friends of the Rich Center for Autism; is a member of the Advisory Board for The Rich Center for Autism; sits on the Board of Directors for The West Side Merchants Civic Association; and is as a member of Alpha Phi Delta Alumni Association.

Dan Aluise

General Manager


Dan Aluise

Position: General Manager
Categories: SenSource Leadership
: As General Manager, Dan leads the daily operations, overseeing all departments within the company. Starting with SenSource in 2007 as a member of the Sales team, Dan has an in-depth understanding of our customer’s needs and ensures those needs are continually met. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration from Malone University, where he was a leading member of the tennis team. In his free time, Dan volunteers as a Youth Group leader at his church and also enjoys working out almost as much as eating food. Dan is married with two children and relishes any opportunity to spend time with them on family vacations.

Our mission is to help our clients make better decisions by providing innovative tools necessary to make measurable business improvements.


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Customer Support Lead

Greg Blair

QA Coordinator

Brian Peebles

Marketing Coordinator

Jessica Lipply

Senior Sales Specialist

Melissa Chapman


Randi Searfoss

Customer Support Specialist

Don Fairall

Senior Sales Specialist

Chris Listorti

Production Manager

Mike Cavicchi

Senior Sales Specialist

Brendon Badway

Customer Success Specialist

Stacy Seminara

Director Software Engineering

Jeremy Forsythe

Customer Support Manager

Dan Bricker

Director Installation Services

Matt Toro

Customer Support Specialist

Kyle Gibson

Customer Support Specialist

Moe Syed

Junior Software Engineer

Tyler Fehr

Marketing Director

Andy Clutter

Junior Software Engineer

David Jacoby

Junior Software Engineer

Nathan Hadley

Technical Support Specialist

David Gurd


• There are no open positions at this time. •

SenSource is a growing company, always looking for talented and highly motivated individuals. Feel free to submit your resume by email for future openings. Please be clear about your interest in becoming part of our company and team.

Email your resume to marketing at sensourceinc.com.


At SenSource we believe in offering the best solutions for our individual client’s needs. If the product you purchase does not meet or exceed your expectations, we will replace it with a product that does or refund your money.*

*30 day money-back guarantee does not include shipping costs. Reasonable conditions apply. Contact us for more information.


We manage the complexities of selecting, installing and managing a counting system.

Numerous clients have switched to SenSource from our competition because of our system accuracy, support, and cost-savings.


The following distributors and integrators have teamed up with SenSource to offer exceptional traffic monitoring services to their customers.



We are an outstanding company and we strive to deliver exceptional service to all we encounter. Our commitment to this level of service crosses all borders, whether internally with co-workers or externally with our customers and partners. Our philosophy at SenSource is to be the absolute best at what we do and deliver our best to all we serve.


We keep our commitments to our team, clients and partners by meeting our responsibilities and doing what we say we will do. We stay on task and know our priorities. We seize opportunities without overthinking and overanalyzing. We breed confidence and take appropriate risks without fear of failure. We make decisions and run with them. We don’t second guess each other. We foster trust.


We are not afraid of communicating ideas, speaking candidly and holding each other accountable to commitments.

Authentic and productive communication enables us to have exciting meetings; snuff out politics and personal attacks; deal directly with controversial topics critical to team success; tap into creativity by valuing opinions and perspectives of all team members; promote team success rather than individualism.

We communicate through healthy conflict that is respectful, not personal and produces results.

Through authentic and healthy communication, we hold each other accountable to commitments and standards.


We are always striving to do better at everything we do at SenSource. We pursue personal and professional excellence through self-improvement (like reading), admitting when mistakes are made (then learning from them), and taking advice from others who are willing to help. We make purposeful efforts to make small positive adjustments daily to be better individuals and better team members. We believe excellence is a life long journey, not a destination.


One of the key ingredients to our success is that we value having fun while working together. We don’t feel we have to be serious every minute of the day to be a successful company. It’s not just ok to have a little fun, it’s necessary! We believe having some fun encourages a healthy work environment, healthy minds and creative thinking.


We work to build strong relationships on a foundation of trust at all levels. These relationships must extend to our whole team, vendors, and business partners.

Strong relationships and a cohesive work environment are what make us different. This allows us to be more productive and gives us a competitive edge that other companies lack.

Both personally and professional, we believe trust cannot be taught, it must be earned over time by acting with integrity, compassion, loyalty and respect for all. We follow the golden rule “Treat others as you would like others to treat you”.

We are open to alternative ways of achieving end results. We value everyone’s opinion, embrace thinking out of the box and foster creativity. Honest, open and clear communications are critical for our team to flourish and can only happen productively on a bedrock of trust.


We encourage and sustain a work-family environment that is friendly, warm, and exciting. We encourage diversity in ideas, opinions, and points of view.

Our leaders lead by example and serve those they lead. We realize the best ideas usually come from those who are on the front lines and closest to the issues of our customers. The role of our managers is to encourage problem solving and remove obstacles so their direct reports can succeed.

We take initiative to solve problems, take ownership of challenges and eliminate cynicism and negativity so that our team, clients and partners can succeed.

We believe there is value in interacting with each other outside the office environment where great ideas are birthed, trust is built and relationships are strengthened.

Our work-family environment enables us to take care of each other and go above and beyond, because we believe and trust one another. We work hard together, but we also play together. We eat, drink, respectfully argue, solve problems and celebrate together. Our bonds go beyond the typical relationships found at most other companies.


At SenSource we’re all about “Making Better Decisions”. This infiltrates and drives all we do and how we serve internally with each other, our community, and our clients.

To each other – We challenge one another and our partners daily to improve and be the best we can be.

To our community – We give our time and money to improve our community through service and charity.

To our clients – We provide the innovative tools necessary to make better business decisions with measurable success.

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