Big Data: People Counting, How It Works

You hear the term big data everywhere you turn but once you have it what do you do with it? Big data can be very beneficial if you know how to analyze it in order to understand and utilize what it is telling you. Obtaining and processing big data People counting is often the first step to obtaining big data for many facilities but this merely gives raw data. Retailers, libraries, museums and restaurants need that next step of analytics in order to have continual growth within their business. Businesses must fully understand their customer traffic data with figures such as, queue lengths, average length of visit, dwell times, weather trends and conversion rates. With an abundance of information available management often becomes overwhelmed and may miss critical information that could help streamline operations and help drive revenue. Once management understands these figures they will have a comprehensive picture of their customer behavior and may begin planning for the future. How businesses are utilizing big data People counting sensors offer a vast amount of data which can be daunting to the untrained eye. Many times information is given to the wrong level of management or not given to them in a timely manner which can cause confusion. A CEO, for example, would require different information on a facilities operation than a floor manager would. While a CEO of a company might like to see the overall numbers of people shopping at a store and how much they are selling a floor manager would rather see a granular, detailed report to understand when the highest level of traffic is and to see if sales are matching the store traffic or if there might be something amiss. Having this data would allow floor manager’s to properly schedule their staff or monitor any special promotions or product placement that is going on. Having real-time data allows management to make immediate decisions and take action which will hopefully create a better customer experience. By creating a great customer experience facilities and personnel would be able to have a higher conversion rate and would be able to convert visitors to completing a given goal. Obtaining, analyzing and understanding big data will help business owners and management to understand their customers and will allow them to forecast future traffic. Delve into these other articles to see how people counting and big data can benefit your business: 4 Ways To Improve Business Operations with People Counting Sensors Are Your Associates Aware of Retail Analytics? Patron Counting Technology for Your Library System


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