SenSource Corporate Volunteer Continues in 2020

sensource corporate volunteer

The 2020 corporate volunteer program at SenSource is underway. The SenSource team volunteered with Big Reach Center of Hope (Big Reach) as their first quarter volunteer day.

Big Reach is an organization that SenSource has volunteered with a number of times. They believe in the bigger picture that Big Reach is trying to accomplish and appreciate the efforts of their team. Big Reach Center of Hope is an organization that works primarily off of volunteers and donations. They supply food, clothing, house goods and fellowship to members of the community who are in need.

This week the SenSource team volunteered their time and helped assist community members through their food pantry line. Based off of family size, community members are able to go through the food pantry and “shop” for their own food. Volunteers are there to help them select the right amount of food from each of the sections throughout the pantry.

Big Reach works to provide a warm and welcoming experience to those in need by offering a clean, updated and store like appearance for the public on distribution days.

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