Big Reach Opens Their Hearts To SenSource Volunteers

On Wednesday, May 18th the team at SenSource volunteered at the Big Reach Center of Hope in Greenford, Ohio. SenSource typically spends volunteer time with the Rescue Mission, however, in the fall of 2015 the Rescue Mission of the Mahoning Valley did away with their Warehouse storage space and now utilizes the Big Reach. Not only does Big Reach supply the Rescue Mission but they also help feed and clothe more than 50,000 people in the Mahoning Valley. Big Reach was founded in 2004 and provides families of the Mahoning Valley with hope by meeting tangible and spiritual needs. They are dedicated to providing resources and opportunities to low-income families in need while giving them the tools and education they need to become self-sufficient. The SenSource team had a wonderful time working with the people at Big Reach. The group at Big Reach opened their hearts to teaching the team what they stand for, showed them around their facilities and shared stories about how all of their lives have been changed along the way. The team worked on organizing and restocking the new clothing “shop”, as well as, restocking the food pantry in order to prepare the facility for their next distribution day. The Big Reach has only two full time employees and functions primarily on the help of volunteers from the community. The facility works to provide a warm and welcoming experience to those in need by offering a clean, updated and store like appearance for the public on distribution days. They open every Tuesday and Thursday for distribution hours to the public. Learn more about the SenSource Corporate Volunteer project in these other articles: SenSource Corporate Volunteer with the Rescue Mission SenSource Raises Funds for Boston Marathon Runner


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