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Best Occupancy Counter – Comparing Monitoring Solutions

April 23, 2020

Given ongoing COVID-19 related restrictions, many businesses are researching occupancy monitoring solutions and trying to figure out what is the best occupancy counter for their needs. SenSource understood these needs and rapidly developed a real-time occupancy counting solution called SAFESPACE.

SAFESPACE Manual Occupancy Counting vs Automated Occupancy Counting

SAFESPACE is unique in that there are two ways to handle the occupant load counts; manually or automated. The manual option is an easy-to-use smart device based counter that is used by employees standing at entrances and exits across the location. These counts can be projected onto screens to keep shoppers and employees aware of the occupancy status. The automated option is a bit more streamlined and reduces wasted manpower hours, as the occupant counts are done automatically with SenSource’s people counting sensors. With accuracy over 97%, you can rely on extremely accurate headcounts as people are coming and going.

Both solutions feed to the SAFESPACE cloud reporting system so admins can view real-time counts, or get a historical view of their occupant loads. Other reports like “day-hour heat maps” will let managers get a sense of Best Time to Shop, which they can then make staffing adjustments and communicate to their customers.

Choosing an Occupancy Counting System

When comparing Occupancy Counter systems, there are many factors to consider. A few of them are:

• Do you have ample staff to assign someone to each door for counting?

• Do you have multiple entrances and need the counts to work together?

• Do you want to have reporting and a historical view of occupancy compliance?

• Is a real-time display, showing exact counts to employees and customers important?

Your decision between Manual or Automated counting can likely be made by answering those questions, as well as several other considerations. View more information our two options on our SAFESPACE page, or read our Infographic so you can make an informed decision. And if you have any detailed questions, our knowledgeable and experienced customer service team is always on standby.

When comparing real-time occupancy monitoring solutions, look no further than SAFESPACE by SenSource. We can get you setup with our manual counter within 24 hours, or go fully automated within 7-10 days.

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