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Casino Occupancy Limits – An Automated Occupancy Counting Solution

May 6, 2020

How Casinos Will Emerge from the Coronavirus Pandemic with Occupancy Limits in Place.

As America reopens in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are left to navigate the new normal, with ever-changing government policies to limit the virus’ spread. Casinos across the country have been closed for over seven weeks, taking a huge hit to the $261-billion-a-year casino gambling industry. To ensure employee and guest safety as casinos begin to reopen, a myriad of changes have to be made, including regulating new casino occupancy limits.

What Are Casino Occupancy Limits?

Reducing crowds in public spaces should assist with enforcing social-distancing and is why retailers, casinos and other public spaces must limit their capacity. Most are taking the approach of basing new casino capacity as a percent of fire code max occupant limits, such as 50%. Some regulations are set at the state-level, while others are set by the business.

The need for real-time occupancy counting is why SenSource created SafeSpace. Our tried-and-true people counting sensors paired with a new handheld app and our proprietary SafeSpace software solves the problem of monitoring occupancy limits in response to COVID-19 safety measures.

A Phased Approach to Capacity Limits

While regulations are changing almost daily, the hope is that casinos will reopen with a phased approach, starting around 50% capacity, then gradually increase overtime. Whether 100% capacity is ever reached again will be determined by the effectiveness of these safety measures in lowering the spread of COVID-19.

One advantage to SafeSpace over other automated door counting systems is the ability to change occupancy thresholds at any time.If an executive order changes max capacity to 75%, SafeSpace settings can be updated immediately with live occupancy-status reflecting the changes on all dashboards, handheld apps and displays throughout the property.

Enforcing Casino Occupancy Limits

One way in which casinos will enforce occupancy limits is with a door attendant using a hand counter to tally guests coming and going. A second solution is to use an automated system like SafeSpace where people counting sensors detect and count guest traffic at all entrances for a real-time occupancy status. A third option is to use a reservation system where guests register for an arrival time.

While hand counting is obviously the least expensive option for enforcing casino occupancy limits, it’s also the least accurate as human-error comes into play and also the least effective as it requires a single entrance to be used to determine occupancy status.

A reservation system is a better choice as casino operators have more control over which guests are permitted to register and how many time slots are available, as well as inform them ahead of time of new safety protocols. However, it is difficult to control the length of a guest’s stay, even if their reservation has a scheduled end-time. Lingering guests will skew occupancy status as new guests arrive. A reservation system in conjunction with an automated door counting system will be the best choice as it offers all the benefits of the reservation system as well as accurate real-time occupancy calculations and compliance reports.

Property-Wide Capacity Limits

In addition to the casino floor, occupancy limits will be in place for the property’s retail stores and restaurants. It’s impractical to use employees to monitor all of these areas when their time and skills are better used elsewhere. Each retail store and restaurant will need to enforce their own occupancy limits. Instituting SafeSpace at each guest entrance and interior space, a casino property owner will have a real-time view of property-wide occupancy status.

SafeSace Occupancy Monitoring Solution powered by SenSource

automated solution for casino occupancy limits

• Automated door counting system

• Real-time occupancy status

• Uses people counting sensors and/or handheld app

• Reporting tools with customizable dashboards and exports

• App for displaying occupancy on a TV via the Amazon App Store