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People Counting Dashboards: Sharing vs. Publishing

November 6, 2023

Today’s tip will help Vea Analytics users effectively share traffic reports with their team. We’ll differentiate between two similar features in Vea – publishing and sharing.

To decide if you want to share or publish a dashboard, determine if you want your colleague to be able to edit the dashboard or if you want them to have view-only rights.

If you want your colleague to be able to edit the dashboard, then you’ll want to choose the Sharing option. This creates an editable copy on that person’s account. They can edit or delete it as if it were their own dashboard with no effect on your dashboard.

If you want to share a dashboard as view-only, you’ll want to choose the Publish option. This creates a read-only copy of the dashboard and sends it to the users you specify or you can select public to share it with every user in your organization. They can only view it and any changes you make to the dashboard will also be published on their end.

By publishing and sharing dashboards in Vea, you’ll ensure your teams are viewing your foot traffic data in the same, consistent manner. It will help eliminate any confusion and allow your teams to make quicker decisions.