Faithfully Collecting for the Rescue Mission

rescue mission donationFor the past five years, the team at SenSource has faithfully been volunteering and collecting funds and canned goods to help the Rescue Mission of the Mahoning Valley. During the month of May the Rescue Mission received a generous offer from a local business that they would match any donations they received that month.

SenSource wanted to make sure they got in on that action and set out to raise $400 in a months’ time to then be doubled. Weekly breakfasts are always a good way to raise funds in the office so they set out and made breakfast once a week for office employees in exchange for a donation towards the Rescue Mission. Although they were just shy of the goal with $371 they still created a camaraderie in the office and were able to help the Rescue Mission in the process.

Once all of the donations were collected Crystal Eckman, with the Rescue Mission, stopped by the office so they could hand over the check and to do a brief interview. The SenSource marketing team was able to briefly explain the corporate volunteer program at SenSource and what they have been able to accomplish over the past five years for the Mission.

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