Forecasting Retail Traffic Patterns

forecasting retail traffic patternsBeing able to forecast traffic patterns is a pertinent role within the retail industry. Management needs to understand their customers and customers’ needs in order to predict trends and staffing levels. However, these traffic patterns are not always readily available and obtaining the information can sometimes be difficult.

The SenSource Vea analytics reporting platform helps to ease this task. The analytics platform easily gathers raw data, collected from people counting sensors, and automatically translates it into meaningful data. The processed data can be populated in the forms of charts, graphs and dashboards of multiple reports.

The Vea analytics reporting platform allows management to quickly recognize and analyze traffic patterns at a glance on their customized dashboard. The system also allows for easy data sharing among employees via similar dashboards or manual or automatic emails.

Data analytics software helps retailers understand peak times allowing management to properly schedule their staff. Sufficient staffing ensures that dollars are not being wasted by employees without work, but it also ensures that there are enough employees to assist customers.

Recognizing consumers’ peak shopping times allows retailers to run promotions during specific times of the year. Implementing just one of these trends can shift customer traffic patterns giving management new data to compare. Analytics software can help retail management understand positive and negative changes on sales and shoppers based on the flow of traffic.

The SenSource sales team is available to help you select and implement the appropriate traffic counting sensor for your needs. Start collecting in-store data and converting the raw data into easily digestible graphics and charts in the Vea analytics reporting platform.

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