Vehicle Counting Solutions

Temporary Limited Selection

At SenSource we’ve transitioned our people counting products to cloud-based reporting solutions and plan for our vehicle counting products to follow suite. In the meantime, we are only offering a limited selection of legacy vehicle counting options. Continue to check back for updates on the launch of new products.

Pressure Hose Vehicle Counter

The pressure hose vehicle counter increments a count for each axle of passing vehicles. It’s easy to install and battery-powered, making it ideal for temporary or remote applications. A sensitivity circuit provides the ability to count slow-moving traffic and lightweight vehicles. The circuitry also filters vibrations, eliminating repeat counts. Includes sturdy mounting hardware and a secure padlock kit.

Two Models Available:

Display Only
An 8-digit LCD display unit is built into the weather-proof enclosure for manual data collection and reset.

Count Recorder
In place of an LCD Display, a count recorder stick is used to collect count data, then connected to a PC using a USB port to download data for reporting.

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