Don’t Let Technology Trends Leave Your Library In the Dark

Technology trends change quick and at times it seems like everyone is jumping on the bandwagon besides you. As technology changes peoples wants and needs also change causing industries such as libraries to try and stay ahead of the trends. Anticipating what patrons will want in the near future and preparing your library accordingly can often be a challenge. By keeping your library properly equipped with devices such as a SenSource people counting sensor you library or library system will be able to anticipate changes in patron behavior. Something as simple as a people counting sensor can track the behavior of patrons as they move through your facility. You will be able to view high traffic areas, what areas of the library people visit most and which areas people hardly visit anymore. Libraries can easily take action on the low traffic areas and either remove or update the area. What works for one library or city may not work for another and it can be highly beneficial to understand the needs of your patrons. Swapping out different activity centers and resources can make a great impact on the use of your library. SenSource people counting sensors can be paired with Vea analytics software to give libraries a full picture of their library and it’s monthly, weekly, daily and even hourly traffic trends. Easy to populate graphs and charts help simplify the process so they can make proper adjustments. Don’t let technology trends leave your library in the dark. Contact a member of the SenSource sales team today to see what type of people counting sensor technology would work best for your library.

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