People Counting Software Crunches The Numbers

vea analytics softwareAn automated people counting system and Vea analytics software in your facility frees up human resources to do the work that really needs to be done: giving your customers a satisfying experience. Management wouldn’t want to post an employee at every door to only count people entering and leaving. But without the proper ability to analyze the data, you can spend more staff time sorting through numbers than if you really did have employees doing the counting.

Consider the wealth of data a SenSource people counting system  provides to a business with multiple locations: rate of traffic broken down by the hour of the day, conversion ratio (when combined with sales data), variations in traffic between different sites, traffic flow overlaid with staffing levels, and on and on. Wading into that data and producing meaningful, understandable reports that can be shared across your organization and provide actionable information is a time-consuming task, if done manually.

Using Vea Analytics to create insight

The better solution is to leverage the capabilities of Vea Analytics Reporting Platform. The power of this software lies in its easy-to-use dashboards. Vea people counting software translates your raw traffic data into meaningful information that reveals patterns and profitable insights. It allows users to:

  • Analyze traffic patterns and peak traffic times
  • Forecast future daily traffic
  • Compare historical data
  • Compare data between facilities

Quickly recognize and analyze traffic patterns that enable you to make key decisions about your facility’s layout and operations. Vea also helps to provide insight into ideal staffing levels and placement based on the hour, day, month and season, thereby enabling superior customer service.

Foot traffic data can reveal invaluable insights and opportunities. Business executives are armed with sophisticated decision-making analytics by knowing more about:

  • Customers’ shopping behaviors
  • Patron visitation patterns
  • The impact of external sources


Predictive Traffic Metrics

Retailers, government agencies, entertainment and education facilities will all benefit from Predictive Traffic Metrics. Knowing future daily foot traffic enables better business decisions to be made such as planning events, running promotions, scheduling maintenance and preparing inventory. With Vea’s high accuracy forecasting algorithm, no analyst is needed to know future daily traffic and trends. The algorithm automatically adapts to seasonality and offers a tool to validate accuracy.

The proper analysis of all of your organization’s results can help you accurately measure your progress against your KPIs. Without analysis, all you have is a jumble of numbers, otherwise known as noise.

Receive a personalized description of how the combination of our people counters and people counting software can help you drill down to insightful, actionable information.

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