Top 3 Places to Use People Counters

Where Are People Counting Sensors Used?

Traffic counters, for people and vehicles alike, are utilized more frequently than you may realize. People counters offer data that aids business owners in understanding their business and allows them to run things more efficiently. By understanding peak times and congested areas management is able to properly staff, schedule maintenance and conserve on utilities.

people countersPeople counters are readily used in retail stores to collect data on a number of different fronts. Retailers don’t just need to know how many customers are making purchases they also need to know how many enter and exit. This information helps them to understand why there may be missed sales opportunities.

By having the actual traffic numbers retailers can first see if a marketing campaign was effective in pulling in customers or not. If the campaign was successful then they can see what the traffic flow pattern was. Perhaps customers became bottlenecked at the entrance and were discouraged from further shopping and did a u-turn out of the store. Or maybe the store flow was ok but the queue lines at the check-out register was too long to wait and people left the store.

Indoor facilities such as libraries, student unions and churches also find people counters highly beneficial. People counters assist indoor facilities in understanding occupancy levels, dwell zones, high and low traffic areas and traffic patterns over time. Whether facilities are following traffic flow through specific spaces such as student unions and libraries or managing office meeting spaces and church occupancy levels people traffic data takes the guesswork out of all of it.

Outdoor facilities such as amusement parks also find people traffic data beneficial to running their day to day business. Although ticket sales can tell parks how many visitors they had in a day it doesn’t tell them how many time a visitor may leave and return in that day. This information is important in scheduling events, shows and even maintenance. Simply knowing how many visitors came through the park in a day also doesn’t say if customers are waiting the majority of their day in ride lines. People counters have the ability to sense how long people are waiting in queue lines which will allow management to alleviate and resolve any unforeseen issues.

People counting solutions aid those businesses looking to make data-driven decisions by giving them the raw data needed to analyze at a deeper level.  Pairing a people counting system with a data analytics platform, such as Vea analytics reporting platform, will allow facilities to gather and analyze all of their data in a simple dashboard. These dashboards can easily be shared with employees and viewed from any location offering more versatility to management.

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