Top 4 Features In Entryway People Counting Systems

entryway people countingFacility owners and operators implement people counting systems for a number of reasons. There is always an end goal in mind that will help ease daily tasks and help management make better business decisions. In this article we’re going to go over the top four features that management is utilizing with their entryway people counting technology.

Group Count
Retailers who specialize in large consumer purchases, such as furniture or appliances, tend to benefit the most from this feature. Shoppers who are looking to make a large purchase often bring important people in their lives with them for input when shopping. This group of people walking into the store will only really count as a single sales opportunity rather than multiple individuals making purchases. These retailers are therefore more interested in the number of buying units walking through the door than they are individuals.

Child Exclusion
Similarly, to group count, many retailers do not want to count children as part of their data set as they are not a true opportunity to the store and would skew the conversion rate. By utilizing a person’s height as they walk through the doorway, the child exclusion filter is able to count separately or exclude people from the data set.

Omitting U-turns
Let’s face it, not everyone walking into a facility or store simply walks straight in. Some people walk in and realize that’s not where they wanted to go or maybe they forgot something and will return later. These people who walk in and right back out shouldn’t really be counted as a visitor or shopper as they aren’t able to be converted into a sale. Today’s people counting technology is able to detect a person that enters and immediately leaves the facility and in turn, will not count them.

Irregular Browsing
Many facility operators deal with visitors entering and lingering by the entryway. These people may be waiting for the rest of their group to arrive, they may be on their phone and want to finish the call before entering or maybe there’s a shopping table near the entrance that keeps shoppers right in the entrance for a few minutes, whatever the reason is people often linger near entrances and need to only be counted a single time. The sensing unit uses advanced algorithms to detect and maintain tracking on individuals for as long as they are within the detection area, avoiding multiple counts for the same person.

People counting systems have come a long way over the past decade and advancements in algorithms have opened up a plethora of opportunities for facility owners and operators. If you are looking to better understand your facility and the number of opportunities walking through your entryways contact a member of the SenSource sales team to learn how we can help you.

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