Top 4 Secrets of Efficient Business Operations

efficient business operationsBusiness operations differ from business to business but they all have the same goal of running things smoothly and efficiently. Implementing a business plan is often the first step in assessing what is working and what’s not working within your business. By understanding the large picture of operations management is able to tweak current processes in order to make things cohesive.

One of the ways businesses are able to view the stores current operations is by installing people counting sensors. People counting sensors, such as the SenSource ClearCount 3D, give management raw data and facts about the current traffic and facility operations. Management is able to take this raw data and implement changes into their current business plan in a number of different areas.


The basic data given to management shows high traffic areas of a facility, as well as, the busy and slow times of day. This basic information allows management to properly staff the facility during the busiest times or even move team members around from a slower area to a busier area of the floor to create better customer experience. By understanding the slow times of day management is also able to schedule maintenance so they do not impede on customer interactions during high traffic times or areas.

Space Management

Many facilities have some sort of conference room or meeting space where many people gather at a single time. People counting sensors can accurately measure the number of people entering or exiting an entryway so management knows the true number of people occupying a space at any given time to ensure the safest atmosphere to the people in attendance.


From time to time businesses experience a questionable bottom line and unfortunately it often comes back onto the employees or customers of a given facility. Theft can be a problem in any business and by knowing where groups of people congregate or loiter, management will be able to better understand problem areas. These problem areas are key to the scheduling of security to help crack down on any unfavorable behavior.

Energy Efficiency

Proper space management goes hand-in-hand with being energy efficient within your facility. Once you understand when public areas are being used the most management is able to implement an energy efficient strategy. Businesses are then able to reduce the heating and cooling in specific areas during specified times of day or have the lights off during similar times. Any business can have efficient business operations within their facility by having a good business plan in place.

SenSource people counting sensors paired with their Vea analytics software is a great starting point to understanding current and future traffic patterns and operations. Contact a member of the SenSource sales team today to learn how they can help you have efficient business operations.

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