Vea’s New Feature Will Keep You Alerted

From retail stores, rental services, movie theaters and amusement parks, many industries today have service counters or have a customer wait line. These facilities understand that customers have come to them for a specific service but also understand that customer satisfaction can be just as important to ensure repeat visits or entice extended stays. Implementing a queue and service metrics system to a facility can greatly improve the dynamics, helping to provide the best possible customer experience. A people counting system, such as the ClearCount 3D, tracks the customer from start to finish giving data on the duration of their transaction which can be used to set benchmarks and goals. The data provided will allow management to implement new processes to lessen transaction times or even increase or reduce service staff in order to shorten queue lengths, lessen wait times and provide an efficient transaction time. vea's new featureSenSource recently added a new feature to their Vea Analytics Software which will alert management when queue or service time metrics exceed a set threshold. On the Vea dashboard you will be able to set your own parameters of acceptable times. For example, if the max acceptable number of people waiting in the queue is 5, when the 6th person enters the queue you will be notified. Or, if you don’t want service times exceeding 5 minutes the system will alert you as soon as your customer’s service time exceeds 5 minutes. Users are able to set up their notifications on the Vea dashboard as well, they can receive alerts via email, SMS and slack notifications. By pairing your people counting sensor, such as the ClearCount 3D, with Vea your business will have the complete package for queue and service time monitoring. Contact SenSource today for a demo or to see how to get started!

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