Vea’s New Heatmapping Feature Helps Visualize Operations

Effectively operating a facility, big or small, means understanding the entire operation from point of sale to even foot traffic and occupancy.

SenSource recently released a brand new feature to their Vea Analytics Software that now includes day-hour heatmapping. The heatmap feature offers a great visual representation of multiple data points in a tabular format.

heatmappingThe new software feature allows users to easily set up and customize their data selection. Users have the option to select the data source (traffic, occupancy or POS), the metric to be viewed (traffic, occupancy, conversation rate, items sold, etc.) and at what aggregation (min, max, average, sum or median).

The software allows users to view metrics for specific time periods and has a built in feature for businesses with multiple locations. Businesses with multiple locations are able to select an individual location or multiple locations and view those specific metrics.

The day-hour heat map is a useful tool for a variety of industries such as retail, libraries,visitor centers and churches. The below heat map depicts a church’s average traffic into the sanctuary over a 12 week timeframe.

You can see on average 203 people enter the sanctuary at the 10 o’clock hour on Sundays. By looking at the heat map we can easily see the change in traffic during specific days and times. Perhaps cleaning takes place on Mondays and Thursdays and a class takes place at 6pm on Wednesdays.

Heatmaps show variances in individual metrics, reveal patterns, and detect correlations. The new heat mapping feature ties into the traditional people counting benefits that SenSource has offered for years, allowing users to easily see when peak and non-peak traffic times are for scheduling staff and maintenance.

The available data also allows management to adjust hours of operation to fit the traffic patterns of customers and schedule promotions during less trafficked days of the week to bump up traffic and sales.

Effectively run your facility with the new heat mapping feature available on the SenSource Vea Analytics software. Contact a member of the SenSource sales team today to learn more!

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