Volunteering Time with Big Reach Center of Hope

The team at SenSource volunteered their time with Big Reach Center of Hope in Greenford, Ohio, for the second quarter of 2019. SenSource makes it a point to volunteer within the community at least once a quarter to give back where they can, as part of their corporate volunteer program. Big Reach is an organization that SenSource has volunteered with in the past, they provide food and clothing to local families in need while also providing a listening ear and fellowship within their establishment.

SenSource at Big ReachThe SenSource team helped community members, who were in need of food and clothing, proceed through the distribution line. Community members are provided free food based on the size of their family and are then escorted through the facility where they can “shop” accordingly. Volunteers help to keep the process organized while also making people feel comfortable and at ease as they proceed through the lines.

Big Reach serves on average over 2,500 families each year and distributes nearly a million pounds of food. They can always benefit from volunteers and donors to assist with their mission of “helping individuals and families in crisis experience life-changing hope.” If you would like to participate visit their website or learn more about the SenSource corporate volunteer program to see how they have been able to help over the years.

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