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Automated Casino Crowd Counter

October 19, 2023

84 million Americans visited casinos in 2022 according to the American Gaming Association’s (AGA) Commercial Gaming Revenue Tracker. With over 34% of the adult population visiting casinos, it’s no wonder facility operators are interested in crowd counter devices to manage the flow of guests.

A crowd counter is an intelligent sensor that quantifies how many people are in a space at a given time. The technology automates counting and transmits the data to a reporting platform for analysis.

casino traffic monitoring sensors

Casinos rely on crowd counters for metrics that optimize the operations of the facility and ultimately improve the guest experience.

Crowd Counter Metrics

  • Total traffic & patterns
    Foundational metrics derived from crowd counters are total traffic and traffic patterns. Casino operators can analyze when peak and nonpeak crowds exist to structure events and staff schedules.
  • Occupancy
    Taking total traffic to the next level, crowd counters are also equipped to communicate real-time occupancy metrics. While the pandemic-era restrictions are no longer in place, it’s still important to know how many guests occupy the gaming floor for fire codes, logistics, and guest experience.
  • Predicted traffic trends
    SenSource’s Vea Analytics Software uses advanced algorithms to make accurate traffic forecasts based on your casino’s historical traffic trends. Armed with forecasting, more efficient planning can be made for staff schedules, maintenance, and promotions.
  • Visitor journey
    Beyond the threshold, crowd counters can be used to blanket the entire gaming floor to track visitor journeys. Operators can determine the most common paths traveled, and the most popular areas, and identify any bottlenecks.

SenSource works with some of the biggest casinos in the United States, including MGM Grand, Horseshoe, and Wynn Resorts. Contact us to learn how casino traffic counters can benefit your gaming facility.