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How to Set Operating Hours in Vea Analytics Platform

October 4, 2021

You’ve purchased your SenSource people counting system – what’s next? It’s time to get familiar with all the features Vea Analytics Platform has to offer!

After placing an order with one of our friendly account reps, your order moves along to our production department to program the sensors and ship them your way. After installation, you’ll be contacted by our Technical Support department to schedule a Vea training session.

One tool you’ll come across in training is how to set Operating Hours. Simply set the hours your business is open to unlock a filtered view for your reports. Don’t worry – traffic data is still collected and saved for all hours of the day.

The Operating Hours filter cleans up your charts and graphs by removing the gaps when data is zero during your closed hours.

Setting Operating Hours

Step 1
Select Operating Hours from the left navigation.

Step 2
Select the green Add Schedule button.

Step 3
Name your operating hours group and select your settings.

Step 4
Edit the schedule to reflect your open hours for the week.

Step 5
Your changes are automatically saved.

Hint – Create multiple groups for standard operating hours, holiday hours, etc.

How to Report Using the Operating Hours Filter

Step 1
On your dashboard view, select an hourly chart or graph.

Step 2
Select the Settings icon on the top right of the chart.

Step 3
Toggle on the Exclude Closed Hours button.

Step 4
Save. You’re all set!

Traffic Report Without Operating Hours Filter

Traffic Report With Operating Hours Filter

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