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Traffic Counting Metrics to View Weekly

March 18, 2022

After installing your people counting system, the next step is to get in routine of reviewing your data. In this article, we’ll take a look at the most popular traffic counting metrics to review each week.

With automated people counting hardware combined with Vea Analytics people counting software, your foot traffic data is continuously collected and stored. It’s important to establish, from the start, the data’s place in your weekly performance reviews and shared with all pertinent team members.

Using Vea Analytics to Create Traffic Counting Metrics and Insight

weekly traffic counting metrics report

Leverage the capabilities of Vea Analytics Reporting Platform to create beautiful, insightful reports that are automatically updated or sent straight to your inbox.

Reviewing your daily traffic patterns for the past week is a great place to start. Compare it to the previous week’s traffic for a deeper review of the day’s performance. Was this week’s traffic higher or lower than the previous week? Did weather or promotions have an impact on traffic?

Predictive Traffic Metrics

After reviewing the current and past weeks’ performances, it’s time to look at next week’s forecasted traffic.

Knowing future daily foot traffic enables better business decisions to be made such as scheduling staff, planning events, running promotions, scheduling maintenance and preparing inventory.

With Vea’s high accuracy forecasting algorithm, no analyst is needed to know future daily traffic and trends. The algorithm automatically adapts to seasonality and offers a tool to validate accuracy.

Geographical comparisons

For customers with multiple locations, you’ll want to review overall performance as well as individual traffic counting metrics.

Ideal for a library system, buildings on a university campus, or a retail chain.

Build dashboards to quickly view and compare KPIs.

Vea’s Data Map tool offers a visualization of performance metrics across locations. Quickly identify top and low performers.

Vea translates your raw traffic data into meaningful information that reveals patterns and profitable insights.