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Weekly Foot Traffic Reports

April 23, 2024

For those just getting started with a people counting system, getting in a routine of viewing and analyzing your data is a great place to start. In our latest video, we take a look at popular metrics to view each week.

Once you’ve installed your sensors, they’ll communicate data to our Vea Analytics platform, turning your raw data into meaningful insights and reports. You can create custom dashboards and even schedule automated emails of your key metrics.

Daily Traffic Report

Let’s begin your weekly review with daily traffic patterns. Many of our customers take time Monday morning to review the previous week’s foot traffic data.

You can use a line chart or bar chart to compare the days of the week and easily identify the highest and lowest trafficked times each day. Once you get an idea of last week’s traffic patterns, begin to analyze what may have impacted the highs and lows. Did weather affect traffic? Did you run a promotion or special event? Then decide how you can replicate the positive impacts and mitigate the negative in the future.

Even though this is a basic report, you can uncover valuable insights to help run your business for efficiently.

Geographical Comparison

If you have multiple locations, the next report to run is a geographical comparison. It’s a great visual if you’re a retailer with a chain of stores, a university with multiple buildings on campus, or a library system with many branches. The data map tool helps to quickly identify top and low performers.


To round out your weekly reports, take a look at occupancy metrics. A traffic report tells us how many total people entered a facility, but the occupancy report tells us how many people were in a facility at a given time.

Using a bar chart similar to the daily traffic breakdown, we can view the daily max occupancy for the previous week. You’ll be able to see which day has the highest occupancy fill. Armed with this information, consider if staff schedules and maintenance schedules match the peak times your facility is used.

Reviewing these three traffic metrics should only take about ten minutes of your time each week. You can either log into Vea or simply have the dashboards sent to your inbox Monday morning. To learn how to do that, check out our video, Automatic People Counting Reports. Using this data, you’ll be informed of your location’s traffic performance and let that guide other operational decisions throughout the week.