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Wi-Fi Tracking: A data gold mine or privacy nightmare?

March 6, 2020
wi-fi tracking

In our latest article published on RetailDive, we take a look at the trend of omnichannel retailing, specifically pertaining to Wi-Fi tracking. Similar to e-commerce retailers, brick-and-mortar retailers utilize a number of technologies when trying to collect data from their customers.

Wi-Fi Tracking is one of those technologies that has offered beneficial data, but has it come with a price to customers, namely their privacy? 

Over the course of time, Wi-Fi technologies have evolved. For example, phone manufacturers have taken steps to protect the anonymity of customers. In doing so, they’ve limited the ability for retailers to gather desired data. Certain Wi-Fi analytics can provide beneficial data to retailers in certain scenarios.

Like many other technologies, Wi-Fi analytics is not perfect but has its place among technologies to be implemented with existing retail sensors.

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