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WiFi Compatibility Feature

February 27, 2023

Do you want to quantify foot traffic but have an application where it’s impossible to run a network cable? Maybe in a historic building or somewhere off the beaten path?

If so, this Monday Minute is for you!

WiFi Communication

We’re excited to introduce a new sensor feature that expands door counting applications. Using the same sensor we’ve come to know and trust for accuracy and consistency, data can now be communicated wirelessly using a USB WiFi adapter.

Now, when it comes to data transmission, we recommend using POE. It’s by far the most stable and reliable way to transmit your people counting data. This WiFi option should only be used in last-resort scenarios where it’s impossible to run a network cable.

The Setup

You would typically run a Cat5 cable to provide power and network connectivity to your sensor. But for the WiFi setup, you’ll insert a USB WiFi data interface right into the sensor, connect it to your local WiFi network, and send counts and other data wirelessly to SenSource’s cloud-based reporting software.

The sensor will still need powered. We include a wall plug POE injector power supply. A network cable connects the POE port on the sensor to the power supply. Then simply plug it into the nearest outlet.

All of these components are provided by SenSource along with technical support to assist with setup.

If you’re interested in learning more about our new WiFi compatibility feature, please contact us and a helpful account rep will reach out.