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Getting Started with SenSource

January 3, 2023

Sometimes it feels like a huge commitment to reach out to a company and give up your contact info.

Some of us like to feel prepared for the phone call we’re about to have, or want to avoid a lot of back and forth on emails and have an idea of required info up front.

We understand!

Let’s break-down what the process looks like to work with SenSource from start to finish.

The Inquiry

When you contact SenSource a sales rep will need some information about your application.

In standard situations, you’ll need one sensor per doorway, an annual subscription to our reporting platform and decide if you’ll be needing installation services.

However, the sales rep needs to review the measurements of your entryway to determine if a single sensor will cover it. They’ll ask for the width of the detection area as well as the height from the floor to the ceiling. You can watch our video on how to perform a site survey for more details.

If you’re looking for more advanced features than threshold counting, such as queue and service times or customer journey, your conversation will be more in-depth. And if necessary, a software developer or tech support rep may be brought in this early to discuss sensor capabilities and software customization.

The Implementation

After an order has been placed, we’ll collect information about your network to properly configure the sensing devices to communicate data.

Then your hardware will be shipped and you’ll be contacted by a project manager to schedule installation.

Whether installed by SenSource or your own team, the final step is to validate accuracy. A call is made to SenSource’s technical support staff, they’ll log into your newly installed devices to ensure its view covers the entire entrance and is unobscured. They’ll also have someone walk in the entrance to confirm it’s counting accurately. Lastly, they’ll fine-tune the settings for the highest accuracy.

Training Session

You’ll schedule a training session with our tech support team for Vea Analytics Platform. During the call, they’ll log into your account so you can see your own data. You’ll learn how to setup dashboards and reports and get a general tutorial of all of Vea’s features. We encourage you to invite anyone on your team who will be using the data so this training session.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Your SaaS subscription includes ongoing support and maintenance. Should you have any questions about your hardware or software, simply call in or create a ticket with our support team.

Our preventative maintenance program alerts us if your devices fall offline or accuracy diminishes so we can promptly correct it.

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