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Amusement Park Occupancy Technology

March 17, 2021

Automate & Communicate

Counting guests isn’t just for the front gate.

Did you know foot traffic data is used to avoid bottlenecks within your park?

We’re all hopeful for a more normal summer ahead, reengaging with favorite activities like amusement parks, water parks, and zoos. But emerging from the pandemic still has its operational limitations to ensure guest safety – like limiting capacity to encourage social distancing. Even with timed-tickets and limited capacity, you’ll find crowds still form within your park like at restaurants, restrooms and theaters. To abide by social-distancing recommendations, it’s important to monitor these common bottleneck areas to discourage crowd formations.

But who wants to hire another fleet of staff to sit and count guests or manage traffic flow? Automating these tasks will quickly pay for itself in resources saved. Plus, your staff will thank you when they’re assigned more meaningful and value-added assignments.

SenSource’s SafeSpace Occupancy Monitoring System saves time and money by automating the task of counting real-time occupancy and communicating to guests whether they can enter an area or wait. To accomplish this, highly accurate people counting sensors are paired with smart TVs to display green “enter” or red “wait” messaging. The sensors also push occupancy data to our cloud-based reporting platform.

amusement park occupancy technology


Of all the places in your park where guests are expecting cleanliness, the bathroom is number one. Our system helps in two ways.

First, you can place tablets at the entrance to communicate how many people are in the facility and how many more can enter before capacity is reached. This solves the problem of too many people crowding into the restroom or starting a close-contact line inside the building.

Second, you can use SafeSpace’s alert feature to dispatch your cleaning crew after a given number of guests use the facility. This takes the guesswork out of how often to clean and makes your staff more efficient by focusing their time on the most-used restrooms in the park.


Keep your quick-service restaurants quick and efficient with guest safety in mind.

Rather than crowding into a line inside the restaurant, encourage guests to form a socially-distanced line outside the venue by placing a SafeSpace enabled TV display at the entrance. Sensors will count guests entering and exiting the restaurant to keep tabs on total capacity. The TV at the entrance will display when the next guests can enter.

SafeSpace fully automates the task of managing capacity restrictions. The hands-off approach allows staff to focus on other areas of operating the restaurant like preparing and serving food or cleaning and sanitizing.

Theaters & Attractions

Even with limited park capacity, you can still see crowds gather at theaters, live performances, and indoor attractions. To avoid over-crowding and to encourage social-distancing, communicate to guests when max capacity has been reached using a SafeSpace enabled TV display.

SafeSpace includes a Rest API, allowing you to incorporate your park’s real-time occupancy status into your own mobile app or website. With the data at guests’ fingertips, they can make informed decisions on whether to head to the show or wait for the next time-slot.

With foot traffic data and real-time occupancy at your fingertips, you can make informed operational decisions to keep your staff and guests safe this season.
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