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Bathroom Occupancy Counter

July 14, 2020

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, office buildings are implementing new social distancing protocols, such as a bathroom occupancy counter, to reduce the spread of infection and create a safe environment for employees and guests.

While staggering schedules, spacing desks and adding partitions all help to encourage the mandated 6 feet apart social distancing, different steps need to be taken to reduce bathroom occupancy. The most basic solution is to assign an attendant to monitor the restroom entrances with a tally counter. However, that’s obviously not the best solution from a privacy standpoint as well as the expense of compensating someone for the task.

Automating Occupancy Limits in Bathrooms

Facility operations personnel have realized the need for an automated bathroom occupancy counter solution where a TV display can show how many people are in the bathroom and if it’s okay to enter and SenSource’s new SafeSpace Occupancy Monitoring Solution fits the bill.

Using intelligent people counting sensors placed outside the restroom entrance, people entering and exiting are counted and real-time occupancy is calculated. For added security, the sensors are equipped with privacy filter settings. The fully automated bathroom occupancy counter is a set-and-forget technology, requiring little to no maintenance after installation. SafeSpace includes custom URLs to display your occupancy status on a tablet or smart TV placed outside the bathroom, displaying green if it’s okay to enter or red to wait.

How Automated Bathroom Counting Works

The people counting sensors are equipped with PoE connectivity, requiring a single cable run for power and network connection. Many of our customers choose to self-install or utilize our professional installation services. A common pushback is for a sensor that is easier to install such as a battery-powered sensor with Wi-Fi. However, in our experience this kind of sensor setup is more trouble than it’s worth, requiring frequent battery changes, inconsistent network connection, and high maintenance. And if your system is frequently off network, bathroom users will eventually distrust and bypass the system.

In addition to providing restroom users with information, SafeSpace bathroom occupancy counter includes reporting tools and alerts for admins. Easily verify occupancy compliance by sharing a report of each bathroom’s historical occupancy and usage. Setup text message or email alerts when occupancy exceeds max.

SafeSpace is the ideal bathroom occupancy counter for office buildings, college campuses, airports, travel plazas, shopping centers and other buildings with high-volume restroom usage.