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Foot Traffic Counting 101: Essential Data, Extensive Value

July 10, 2023

Reflecting on our recent trip to the American Library Association‘s annual conference, a reoccurring theme we heard from many visitors to our booth was, “We are looking into replacing our old gate counter system, can your system replace it?”

So today we’re going back to basics to answer some of the more commonly asked questions when it comes to a library embracing an automated foot traffic counter system.

  1. How many sensors will we need?

    No two applications are exactly the same, so the number of people counting sensors will depend on your specific location and doorways. SenSource can dispatch a technician to complete a field survey, taking measurements and pictures. There is a small charge for this service. We also offer a Project Scope Form you can complete on your own and submit to SenSource.

    Watch a quick video: How to Complete a Site Survey
  2. What is a single sensor’s field of view?

    The field of view, or the area covered by the sensor, depends on the height it is mounted to the ceiling. One will typically cover a standard double door entryway. If you have a short ceiling, like eight or nine feet, you can’t view much more than the width of your doorways. If you have higher ceilings, 10-20 feet tall, you’ll view about 23 feet from the threshold of the doorway into your space. We can also “stitch” multiple sensors together to get a wider field of view.
  3. We are concerned with privacy. What happens with the video from the sensor?

    For the device to count, there is no transmission of video. However, in order to validate the foot traffic counter’s accuracy, there is an optional outbound port over secure FTP to send out a video validation file of half hour or one hour. This allows our Support team to compare the sensor’s counts to the video footage to confirm accuracy.

    When it comes to further privacy, we do have configurable privacy levels. Check out our post regarding Sensor Privacy Settings.
  4. We want to share reports with staff and board members, but do not want them to access the software. Can we do that?

    Yes! Our people counting software allows for emailed reports and dashboards to any email address, even if they aren’t registered users. This is a quick and easy way to disseminate key patron counting reports without the hassle of setting up and managing additional users.

    Vea makes it easy to print, email, or export daily, monthly, and yearly reports of total number of visitors and all other key foot traffic metrics.

    We offer free software training in addition to videos and documentation to guide you through all of Vea’s reporting features.
  5. We are a historic library with crazy architecture and high ceilings. Can we use your foot traffic counter?

    Absolutely! With more than 1,200 library installations, there aren’t many building types we haven’t seen. We have several ways to handle high ceilings, including a sensor that allows us to go as high as 60 feet. Typically to start the conversation we just ask for a few photos so we can start to get an idea of what sensor model you may need.

    We also offer the option to install the foot traffic counter yourself. We’ll work with your team to establish a site survey and decide best placement for the sensors, as well as provide documentation and videos to guide you through the installation process. To ensure success, you’ll contact our Support team to confirm correct placement and accuracy.

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