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SenSource Member of Forbes Technology Council

March 26, 2019
forbes technology council

SenSource President, Joe Varacalli, officially became a member of the Forbes Technology Council in March 2019!

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Through the Forbes Technology Council platform, we’re able to share insights on our diverse experience in the technology field and collaborate with other leaders.

SenSource Publications on Forbes

To Successfully Implement IoT Devices in Retail, You Need A Project Leader

June 6, 2019
Joe shares how crucial the role of a Project Leader is for a retailer to get a new IoT initiative off the ground and successfully implemented.

Clicks to Bricks: A Data-Driven Strategy

October 24, 2019
Joe explains how Gen Z consumers have never known a time without online shopping and how retailers of the future need to be shaped with that in mind.

Develop Effective Tech Quality Assurance Standards with These 13 Expert Strategies

November 10, 2020
Joe contributes his strategy for building QA into a tech company’s processes in this Expert Roundup.