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SenSource Celebrates 20 Years & Counting

February 10, 2022

In 2002, Youngstown natives Joe Varacalli and Kevin Stefko embarked on an entrepreneurial adventure, opening a technology company in a modest office in Youngstown, Ohio. Albeit in the midst of the dot-com bust, the two developed a successful business as an online supplier of various sensors for industrial applications such as motion-detectors and parts counters. It wasn’t long before they found their niche with people counting sensors as customers became more data-focused, seeking ways to quantify the success of their businesses.

SenSource President, Joe Varacalli, and Vice President, Kevin Stefko.

Twenty years down the road and SenSource has become a leader in the industry, providing people counting technologies across the nation to customers such as Disney World, Sephora, Harbor Freight Tools, The National 9/11 Memorial Museum, and the Columbus Metropolitan Library System.

Following a highly successful year, SenSource continues its momentum into 2022. We were fortunate to avoid the great-resignation, holding our team of 22 professionals steady and celebrating milestones together throughout the year, the greatest being a 51% revenue growth from 2020, which also surpassed our pre-pandemic revenue of 2019 by 31%.

Engraved into the structure, culture and mission of SenSource since the beginning is giving back to our Youngstown community. Last year, our team proudly volunteered, collected donations, and performed pro bono services for Project MKC, Leetonia Sportsman Club Kids Day, The Rich Center for Autism, and Love This Place.

Our outlook for 2022 is strong, as the demand continues for people counting and occupancy monitoring solutions. As public spaces navigate their new normal, they are looking for ways to avoid overcrowding and optimize the layout of their facilities based on the flow of the people using them. SenSource’s technology does just that by providing data on total number of people entering a facility, identifying the most used areas within a facility, and relaying current occupancy status.

We look forward to celebrating SenSource’s 20th Anniversary with a community-wide open house event this summer.

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