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SenSource Awarded Modern Library Award

January 11, 2024

For the 10th consecutive year, SenSource has been awarded Platinum Distinction in LibraryWorks’ Modern Library Awards.

We are pleased to announce our People Counting Sensors have received a platinum award in LibraryWorks’ tenth annual Modern Library Awards (MLAs).

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The MLAs were created to recognize the top products and services in the library industry in a truly unbiased format. Upon submission of our application, LibraryWorks posted our products on a private site to be judged by customers with experience using our people counting sensors. Each judge scored our product on a numeric basis from 1-10 on a series of questions regarding functionality, value, customer service, etc.

One customer commented on the survey, “Our library system loves these devices. They are robust and accurate.”

“We’re honored to have our people counting products awarded for the tenth year in a row. It’s really the people here at SenSource who deserve the recognition – for their commitment to our library customers, taking the time to understand their needs and match them with the right products, ensuring their satisfaction in the system and training customers how to make the best use of their traffic data.” states Andy Clutter, Marketing Director.