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Introducing the Kodia Series Vehicle Counter

December 12, 2022

In addition to people counting sensors, SenSource now offers a pressure-hose style vehicle traffic counter that connects to their cloud-based Vea Analytics Reporting Platform. Now businesses can quantify and report vehicle traffic to determine peak and non-peak times and patterns.

“We’re excited to offer a new product that compliments our existing people counting systems, fills a need for our current customers, and expands our offerings for new applications. For example, a library can now log into Vea and create a single report for how many patrons walked into the building and how many vehicles drove through the drop-off in a given day by using SenSource’s people counting sensors and the new Kodia Series Traffic Counter,” explains Andy Clutter, Marketing Director at SenSource.

The Kodia Series Vehicle Counter is comprised of a pneumatic road tube counter and a gateway device for transmitting data to SenSource’s proprietary SaaS Platform, Vea Analytics. The tube is affixed to the ground with the included anchor and is powered by an internal battery that has connect-ability built in. The pressure hose comes in 50 feet sections and can be cut to fit your exact driving area.

The Kodia Series integrates seamlessly into Vea, enabling reporting on counts, occupancy, visit duration, and more with vehicle data, just as simple as it does for traditional people counting. It’s an ideal solution for single and multiple lane applications such as a restaurant drive-thru lane, car wash, or bank as well as parking decks and garages and road traffic studies.

The Kodia Series Vehicle Counter is available now for purchase, contact us for a quote!