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Offline Sensor Notifications

January 16, 2024

While it doesn’t happen very often, one thing SenSource customers should be prepared for is what to do when your people counting sensor falls offline.

Our sensors use a power over ethernet connection. It’s a single cable that provides power and network communications. A common ticket sent to our Support team is what to do when that network connection is lost and the device falls offline.

What causes an offline sensor?

There are several factors that can cause a device to go offline. Most of the time, it’s due to a network disruption of your location’s internet service. However, there are also scenarios where Firewall rules change, an IP Address is altered, or some other network related items cause an offline internet connection.

How will I know if my device goes offline?

The most obvious sign will be missing data in your reports. But I’m sure you’d like to be notified as soon as your sensor goes offline and not find out when you log in to run a report! This is why we created Offline Sensor Notifications in Vea.

To setup offline notifications, log into Vea and on the left side menu, locate the Organization Settings, Here you can add up to five email addresses to the Sensor Notification Email Recipients field.

When will I receive a notification?

We’re not super aggressive with notifications. Vea will wait about an hour of it being offline before it sends the first notice. If the sensor remains offline for more than a day, Vea will send a daily follow up email.

If you’re a SenSource customer with additional questions or need to troubleshoot your offline sensor, feel free to Contact Support. Completing the form submits a ticket and our friendly team will reply shortly.