Intro Vea Analytics work? people counting software How Does combine data streams foot traffic, POS, Labor for enhanced analytics data fusion recognize & Analyze traffic patterns identify areas for improvement Gain Insights Data driven improvements use historical data to monitor success Make Decisions

Vea Analytics People Counting Software

Vea Analytics People Counting Software translates your raw traffic data into meaningful information that reveals patterns and profitable insights.

Data and decisions you can count on.

• Analyze traffic patterns and peak traffic times

• Create custom dashboards using Vea’s drag-and-drop interface

• View historical data and compare facilities

• Integrate with existing systems using Vea’s REST API

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Vea People Counting Software Can Help You Answer These Questions

SafeSpace Occupancy Counting

Free Web Demo

See it in action! Watch a live demo of Vea Analytics, including real-time occupancy monitoring, foot traffic data, and historical reporting.

Hosted by SenSource’s General Manager, Dan Aluise, the demos are held every Wednesday. Follow the link below to register for an upcoming session!

Vea Analytics Valuable Data for Various Industries and Applications

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library patron counters
university people counting
people counting software for occupancy
visitor counting for the amusement industry
guest counting at museums

• Conversion Rates
• Average Traffic Yield
• Traffic to Staff Ratio

• Building Occupancy
• Granular Reporting
• Scheduled Delivery

• Occupancy Notices
• Usage Counts
• Alerts for Cleaning

• Flexible Reporting
• Simple Setup
• Scheduled Delivery

• Floor Occupancy
• Gaming Day Reports
• Recurring Delivery

• Facility Usage
• Visitor Engagement
• Capacity Regulations

• Real-time Monitoring
• Historical Reports
• Customer Facing Displays

• Service Attendance
• Flexible Time Periods
• Mobile Friendly

• Ride Wait Time
• Park Occupancy
• Queue Management