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Top 4 Uses for Vehicle Counters

August 8, 2019

When people think of vehicle traffic counters, they often think of the road traffic studies that they see as they drive through town, however, there are many other ways to measure vehicle traffic patterns. Locations that can see usage 24 hours a day with nonstop commuter and visitor traffic have the most to gain. This blog outlines some of the most common uses of vehicle counters outside of road traffic.

Parking Lots

Large metropolitan areas are home to some of the bigger, more frequently used parking lots. Monitoring the traffic in these parking lots is a big deal for the owners. Varying rates from lot to lot and availability during certain times of the day or even specific days can fluctuate. Owners need to know how much traffic they’re receiving in order to understand and properly manage and maintain the lots.


Thousands of people go through a drive-thru each day, monitoring this traffic is pertinent to the management of these businesses. We commonly think of fast food restaurants when we think of a drive-thru but pharmacies and other item specific stores like coffee shops also offer drive-through windows for their patrons. SenSource offers a Passive Infrared Sensor which is a non-directional counter with easy overhead, sidewall or side-mount installations. The unit is weather resistant and has optional remote LCD displays. With two detection patterns, 50 feet or 17 feet, customers are able to adjust the counter to their particular needs.

Car Washes

The weather can vary from place to place, which is often a trigger for people to bring their cars to the car wash. In sunny climates people often like a nice, clean car in the sunlight as they drive around. While in snowier parts of the country people wash their cars to remove the salt from their vehicles in order to keep them from rusting. Wherever you live car washes often do a lot of business. Owners need to know just how much traffic they’re receiving and which seasons or times of day are the busiest. Having this information helps to maintain the facility and keep it running smoothly throughout the year.

Toll Booths

Whether you’re going on vacation or its part of your daily commute, you’ve probably driven through a toll booth. Toll booths see a lot of traffic on a daily basis. The government needs to know exactly how much traffic they are receiving to keep the booths properly staffed and to maintain the roads. The data collected through toll booths helps to determine the cost of the toll each year, as well as, allowing the state to make necessary repairs to the roads and properly forecast any future maintenance that may be needed. A pressure hose vehicle counter that increments a count for each axel of passing vehicles is perfect for this scenario. Easy to install and battery-powered, this sensor is ideal for temporary or portable applications and remote locations where line power is unavailable. The simplicity of this vehicle counter makes it a cost-effective solution for traffic counting. Data is collected with an 8-digit LCD display or a Count Recorder data logger. This counter is not recommended for use in snow or ice.

SenSource vehicle counters offer the greatest value available, they’re easy to install and ideal for temporary or moveable applications. Learn more about the different uses for vehicle counters, Contact our sales team for help selecting the right traffic counting technology for your application.