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SenSource’s COVID-19 Solutions Featured on Youngstown’s WKBN News

November 25, 2020

It was a pleasure hosting Youngstown’s news station WKBN to discuss our latest COVID-19 technology solutions and how SenSource is helping its customers to safely remain open to the public.

Reimagining People Counting

SenSource’s General Manager, Dan Aluise, and Marketing Director, Andy Clutter, spoke with WKBN’s Dave Sess. It wasn’t long ago, our previous interview with Mr. Sess was focused solely on SenSource’s people counting technology. But within a month of national shutdowns in March 2020, our team at SenSource reimagined how counting people could help businesses during the pandemic.

As grocery stores and other businesses were mandated to reduce occupancy limits, it put a strain on store staff and executives to enforce the new rules. We quickly realized that with a few changes, our expertise in counting people could be used to automate these new occupancy mandates. Our software team got to work developing a new platform to house the new occupancy metrics. We also sourced TVs and tablets to complete the solution with a customer-facing display. Here’s a video showing how the completed SafeSpace Occupancy Monitoring Solution works.

Occupancy Monitoring + Face Mask Detection

More recently, Ohio’s governor and others have warned businesses to enforce guests wearing a face covering or the business will face penalties. Again, pressure was placed on business owners to adapt to new rules and train staff to enforce them. The team at SenSource got to work again. The same sensors used for people counting and occupancy monitoring are equipped with machine learning, making it possible to add additional smart features, such as face mask detection.

Ceiling-mounted people counting sensors detect the presence or absence of a face mask and relay that data to a customer-facing display where the message will show green to enter or red with a “face mask required” message.

Thanks again to WKBN for featuring SenSource to our Youngstown community. View the article here.