Thermal Imaging, The Most Accurate People Counter Technology

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The first people counter was probably a bell that a storekeeper hung on a door so he would hear when someone came into the shop. Maybe you think of people counters today as two small projectors on both sides of a doorway; counting how many times the beam of light is interrupted. In fact, people counter technology today is far more sophisticated. Some of SenSource’s best people counting systems today combine thermal imaging technology with video to provide greater accuracy and a higher level of detail.

The science behind thermal imaging is fairly simple. All objects that are not at absolute zero (in other words, everything on earth) give off some infrared radiation, which is not visible to the naked eye. People are warmer than a chair, for example, and thus give off more infrared radiation, which can be detected by special cameras. The camera can convert the energy to create an image, like a photo, or rescuers can use thermal imaging to find people who are buried in the rubble of a collapsed building, for example.

There are several advantages to using thermal imaging in a people counter system. For one thing, changes in ambient light make no difference, so the system can work indoors or outdoors, day or night, and function equally well under quickly changing conditions. Compared to a less sophisticated door monitoring system, an overhead thermal imaging people counter can also more easily tell that three people walked into a doorway at the same time, rather than one or two people.

SenSource people counting technology that combines thermal imaging with video is the most accurate people counting system offered. You can see the thermal imaging feed and live video side by side, which helps in calibrating and setting up the system because you can determine if the people counter is covering the entire traffic area. Once you’ve used the video feed to ensure that the thermal imaging system is working properly, and then the SenSource system takes over automatically feeding the data to the Vea Software for analysis. It’s an automated system that’s highly accurate, even in high-traffic areas, and doesn’t require constant human monitoring.

Contact us for more information on how our people counter technology, including thermal imaging, can help your business.


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