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Unboxing a VIDX People Counting Sensor

February 8, 2024

Have you ever wondered what’s included when you purchase a people counting sensor? Our latest video showcases everything you’ll receive as we unbox it together!

The VIDX intelligent people counter is our most popular sensor model. It’s the go-to for standard counting applications and we have over 10,000 devices in the field to date.

When you order a VIDX, we’ll send a tracking number, and you’ll receive a box that includes:

  • A set of instruction sheets
  • A sensor
  • An ethernet patch cable
  • A surface mounting kit
  • A PoE injector with a second patch cable optional
  • A pivot mount optional

Let’s take a closer look at what’s included.

Instruction Sheet

The instruction sheet you’ll receive is based on the selected installation method. Self-install projects are packed with a one-page document with QR codes to access the full installation manual. Projects using SenSource’s installation services will receive an abbreviated installation manual in their box. Both versions include contact information to reach out Technical Support department to finalize your installation.

VIDX Sensor

It’s a small, sleek device and is unobtrusive on your ceiling. It has a removable cover that we also sell in black. We ship it with lens covers intact that you can remove upon receipt. The holes next to the lenses are where your mounting screws will be inserted. In the bottom corner, you’ll find the LED to help with troubleshooting and indicating power.

On the back, you’ll find where the network cable connects. The green sticker indicates which entrance or location the sensor is programmed for. This is very important when installing sensors at multiple locations within your building. There’s also a white sticker with an arrow to note which direction the sensor is to be mounted. You want the arrow to be pointing inside the building.

Mounting Kit

We include what is needed for a surface-mount installation, such as for a drop-tile ceiling or a fixed-ceiling type. You’ll find a paper template for marking the placement of the screws and the hole for the network jack. Also included are a set of screws, nuts and washers for a drop-tile; a set of machine screws and anchors for drywall; and a backplate with 1/4 20 screws. You’ll only need the backplate if you’re using an accessory such as a pivot mount or extension pole.

Patch Cables and PoE Injector

The last items are used when performing a short-cable pre-communication test. If your switch is PoE, you’ll use one patch cable to connect the sensor to the switch. If it’s not PoE, you’ll use both patch cables and the PoE injector.

That’s everything you’ll need to install your people counting sensor and begin counting foot traffic! If you’d like to receive your own sensor to unbox, please contact us to get started!